About Us

In June of 2012, The Tucson Artist Cooperative was founded as Many Hands Artist Cooperative. Our founder Lynne East-Itkin, who has been an artist for over 40 years, saw the need to rally local artists to showcase their artwork and consolidate their marketing and community outreach efforts. Since then, the Tucson Artist Cooperative has rallied artists specializing in a variety of mediums. Artists from all over the country are welcome to join and promote their artwork through our organization. If you are looking for custom artwork, or something different, you can find it in our gallery or one of our artists can create it for you.


We are a cooperative art gallery dedicated to showcase and sell a broad variety of art created in several mediums. We organize art gallery events, participate in art shows as a group, we broker our members' artwork online, and can sell original pieces, as well as, reproductions. We believe in giving artists the opportunity to expand their reach beyond their capabilities, because in every artist's work is a piece of our culture.


Our vision is to be the number one resource for high quality artwork. To do this, we continuously reach out to current and arising artists who want to expand the reach of their art pieces to the rest of the world.

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