Gourd Art

Gourd Art

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Copper inlay with Spiral

Copper inlay with Spiral: Gourd, textured with sand and painted. Inlay are corrugated and folded c..

$195.00 Ex Tax: $195.00

Copper Patina edged

Copper Patina edged: Copper edged gourd container, cut, inlaid and edged with corrugated copper wi..

$225.00 Ex Tax: $225.00

Filigree Fantasy

Filigree Fantasy: Gourd, cut, carved, filigreed and painted with metallic inks. 11” tall x 6.25” d..

$379.00 Ex Tax: $379.00

Nature’s Surprise

Nature’s Surprise: Gourd top, cut, carved and painted. Flower “stamens” are coils from the gourd v..

$205.00 Ex Tax: $205.00

Serpentine Whirl

Serpentine Whirl: I love working with these “snake” gourds. Cutting them into these “whirls” is fu..

$285.00 Ex Tax: $285.00

Sinuous Whirl

Sinuous Whirl: Gourd, cut and painted. Hangs from a spinner. 23” tall x 7” dia / $295.00..

$295.00 Ex Tax: $295.00

Springs Beauty

The base from this gourd was cut for a different piece. When I saw how thick it was I knew I wanted ..

$420.00 Ex Tax: $420.00

Twin Globes

While experimenting with alcohol inks, I discovered a color combination that I used for this gourd. ..

$87.00 Ex Tax: $87.00

Whimsical Whirl

Whimsical Whirl: I found this gourd at a farm in California and I couldn’t put it down. It had suc..

$335.00 Ex Tax: $335.00

Wire Weave with Donuts

Wire Weave with Donuts: Gourd container textured with sand and painted. Edge of lid is wire weaved..

$135.00 Ex Tax: $135.00

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